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It's about maximizing the value of your traffic

You spend a lot of time and money driving relevant traffic to your site, but many visitors leave without doing what you want them to do.
You need our smart Nuggets

User-friendly Engagement

Choose from a library of beautiful responsive templates and quickly launch them on your site with no coding or IT.

Smart Targeting

Target segments like returning visitors, organic traffic, paid traffic, and more. Show the right message to the right people.

Robust Integrations

Send lead data directly to your management systems including Google Analytics, SalesForce, MailChimp, Constant Contact and more.

How Does It Work

40Nuggets helps you orchestrate your entire engagement campaign.

First step: You need a good Nugget!

Nuggets are intelligent, polite, and timely messages presented to your site visitors. They are designed to convert more of your website traffic into leads, grow your mailing list, serve coupons, offer better customer service, and more.

We will start by creating a Nugget that fits your business goal.

Segmenting your audience is the key to success

40Nuggets allows you to segment your traffic into different groups based on characteristics and behavior. This ensures that the right Nuggets target the right audience, thus increasing your conversion rate and keeping your visitors engaged and happy.

Choose from different segments like returning visitors, bounced traffic, social traffic and more or tailor your own based on behavioral metrics and private data.

Take full control of your Nuggets

40Nuggets allows you to pinpoint which Nuggets should appear on which pages of your website. This is especially useful when creating sophisticated campaigns which you want to only appear on certain sets of pages for example.

(but keep reading, there's more cool stuff :)

Retarget your visitors with followup Nuggets based on their actions.

40Nuggets allows you to create adaptive campaigns on your site that keep site visitors engaged based on their interaction with earlier Nuggets.

For example, you can send your converted leads directly to your customer management systems (Salesforce, MailChimp etc.) for followup, while retargeting those who didn't convert with another Nugget.

Constantly testing and improving your Nuggets

40Nuggets allows you to A/B test your Nugget copy and design. Our brain automatically optimizes the highest converting variant, presenting it more often, and suppresses the lower converting Nuggets so you can sit back and relax as 40Nuggets does the heavy lifting for you.

Take advantage of our timing algorithm to test and deliver your Nuggets at the right time to the right person.

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40Nuggets comes in two flavors, choose the one that fits your needs.

  • Engage Visitors
  • Customizable Templates
  • Responsive designs
  • Create Your Own Template
  • Professional Custom Design Support
  • Full JS/HTML/CSS Control
  • Make changes in webpages
  • Test & Optimize Your Engagements
  • A/B Testing
  • Automated A/B Optimization
  • Campaign Scheduler
  • Algorithmic optimization and learning
  • Multi-Step Engagement
  • Followup campaigns
  • Segmentation & Targeting
  • Built-in marketing segments
  • Custom segments
  • Target new/returning visitors
  • Geo targeting
  • Mobile targeting
  • Language targeting
  • Target by traffic source
  • Target specific site sections
  • Delayed triggering
  • Exit-intent triggering
  • Machine-learning triggering
  • Exclude IPs
  • Trigger by custom data
  • Custom Events
  • Custom JavaScript
  • Reporting
  • Email Notifications
  • Weekly reports via email
  • Export Data to CSV file
  • Custom Reports
  • Data Analytics Team
  • Integrations
  • Google Analytics
  • SalesForce
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Webhooks
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom CRM Integrations
  • Account Management
  • Multiple domains
  • Manage multiple accounts
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Support
  • Knowledge Base
  • Support Tickets
  • Personalized Training
  • Phone Support
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager
  • Full Account/Campaign Management
  • Traffic Engaged
  • Traffic Supported (per month)
  • Nuggets Shown (per month)


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  • 1,000 Engagements
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What our Clients are saying

Find out how 40Nuggets has helped other businesses succeed online.

Switching to 40Nuggets helped us grow our on-site conversions both mobile and desktop, leading to a strong increase in revenue. It's an absolutely worthwhile product and you'll love their support team.

OfriH-Mail, Online Global eCommerce

As soon as we signed up I noticed we were getting more leads. They made it so easy for people to do. I think it was just the simple ‘nudge’ they gave our customers that made our conversion rate so much higher. I would highly recommend 40Nuggets to any of my friends looking to get more leads... but not my competitors.

KeithMTI Equipment, Drills and heavy equipment

40Nuggets quite simply got us more leads from our traffic without once having to resort to programmers. We could do sophisticated targeting, and make changes on the fly... We saved money because we captured sales leads for much less than the cost of acquiring them otherwise.

GalyaDesert Bloom Jewelery, Boutique eCommerce

We're a self-made business and make every marketing dollar count. We switched to 40Nuggets from another technology and saw a 500% growth in lead conversions ... this translated into thousands of dollars to our monthly top-line.

RichIXACT Contact, Contact management for real estate agents

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