Lead Capture Automation
for Your Website

Turn your website into a lead generating machine by using smart tools. Make strategic decisions based on insights into your site visitors' behavior.


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40Nuggets tracks, analyzes, and provides valuable insight into your site visitors to help you make decisions about campaigns, budgets, and content.


Empower marketing managers, CMOs, and savvy sales teams to capture potential leads by understanding what’s driving their behavior.


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Leverage your data with a full service targeting platform, that allows you to target, retarget, and convert more of your site visitors every day.


Invigorate your marketing team by giving them the targeting ability of data scientists, and the technical flexibility of developers all in one.

"As soon as we signed up I noticed we were getting more leads. I think it was just the simple ‘nudge’ that made our conversion rate so much higher. I would highly recommend to any of my friends... but not my competitors."

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"Switching to 40Nuggets helped us grow our on-site conversions both mobile and desktop, leading to a strong increase in revenue. It's an absolutely worthwhile product and you'll love their support team."

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Your PPC and SEO Campaigns will produce more by optimizing your site and capturing that hard-won traffic.

Lead Capture

Target your traffic over time with the right messages at the right time to boost your website conversions.

Email Automation

Bulk up your CRM and email list by automatically adding new leads to your marketing funnel.

40Nuggets is focused on building software that is easy to operate [and] has built-in intelligence features that don't require too much configuration...


Connect Your Data

Within minutes. Connect your website and start getting insights into your traffic.


Immediate opportunities. Explore traffic patterns for greater lead capture.


Powerful Optimization. Design a campaign and deploy it to your website. Zero coding.

Secure and Reliable